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    Dolphie 2

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    Hi Heather.

    Happy New Year.


    Sandy in N.Z.


    Reply from Heather N:

    Are you enjoying your new home?

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    Hi Heather

    Great to see you on the Passione Ricamo BB. Thanks for the Happy Birthday. I had a great day. I got a crash bandicoot and spyro game for my gameboy advance and Spyro for the playstation 2. They are great. I got a lovely Dolphin blanket for our bed. and I brought a strawberry cheese cake for my birthday cake. My girl friends brought me a strawberry cheese cake to and a Dolphin cup and plate with chocolates. I got Shimmering Romance fabric too and my Mum sent me a cheque. I am working on The Wedding. She has a head and he has a neck. I will try and stick with it until it is finished. What are you working on at the moment? Have a great day.


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Wannabe Geek

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cross stitching, reading, scrapbooking, watching movies

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